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Jun 26th Feature Focus:  QuickLists 11:00 to 11:30 FREE Register
Jul 9th Jumpstart Your Appraiser XSite 11:00 to 12:00 FREE Register
Jul 10th Feature Focus:  Mobile Sketching 11:00 to 11:30 FREE Register
Jul 12th Getting Started with Titan Analytics 1:00 to 1:30 FREE Register
Jul 26th Getting Started with Titan Analytics 1:00 to 1:30 FREE Register
Sign up for a comprehensive webinar boot camp - [Not for CE] * All times are Central. 

How to get better clients and more income with your XSite

Have you been putting off getting your website set up?  Don’t wait any longer!  Sign up for our comprehensive five-part webinar series to hit the ground running.  We want you to get high-fee, non-lender jobs, and the best way to market yourself these days is with a stellar online presence.  We’ll teach you everything you need to know about creating an effective website:  design, search engine optimization, email marketing campaigns, and much more. 

TOTAL for Mobile Boot Camp

The learning curve for mobile appraising is about to get a lot shorter.  Take advantage of our five-part, comprehensive introduction to TOTAL for Mobile and we’ll teach you everything you need to know! 

Jumpstart your Appraiser XSite

Don’t know where to start?  This class covers the down-and-dirty basics of what to put and where to put it on the homepage of your XSite.  Designed to help new users get the most benefit with the least hassle, we give you step-by-step guidelines for building a good homepage that works for both site visitors and search engines alike.  Even if you’ve had an XSite for a while, but aren’t seeing the results that you’d like, chances are high that you’ve missed a critical item that we cover in this class. 

Switching from ACI to TOTAL

Perfect for ACI users considering a switch to TOTAL.  Learn the key differences between ACI and TOTAL in this free, one hour session.  See a report created from start to delivery, and learn how to navigate the tools you’re likely to use daily.  Our instructors have over a decade’s knowledge of helping appraisers switch from ACI, so the transition will be quick and easy. 

Getting started with TOTAL for Mobile

Perfect for beginners who are brand new to TOTAL for Mobile.  Join us for a free 45 minute webinar, where we’ll walk through the ins and outs of TOTAL for Mobile, from pairing a device all the way through syncing the report back into TOTAL.  Wave goodbye to your pencil and clipboard and learn how to gather notes, customize forms, take photos, and draw sketches in TOTAL for Mobile. 

Taking the grunt work out of comps

Perfect for ACI or Bradford users who are re-typing comps and making manual adjustments.  In this free, one hour session you’ll learn how to: 

  • Import data from your MLS to eliminate retyping
  • See with one click your entire history of how you’ve used a property
  • Break down UAD fields to make line-item adjustments for everything in the grid
  • Arrange, sort, analyze, adjust and manage all the comps in a report in one screen
  • Adjust for everything in the grid, even non-numeric fields
  • Re-use a property from a prior report with one click

Appraiser marketing: Proven campaign tips with XSellerate

Do you already own XSellerate and need to do some marketing but don’t know where to start?  This is a great first class.  We focus on basic marketing concepts and how they integrate with XSellerate — your marketing program.  We then cover importing contacts from Outlook and other programs, and show how to create year-long email campaigns to contacts you already have, so you can keep your name and business on the radar for your current and past contacts alike. 

Solving measuring problems using a DISTO

In the real world, you don’t always have a hard target at the other end of your wall to bounce your laser off of.  In this quick session, we’ll show you how to solve the most common digital measuring puzzles using practical solutions like additive and subtractive measuring and the Pythagoras function on your DISTO or other laser measuring tool.  We’ll also discuss the various models of laser measuring tools, as well as realities of Bluetooth integration with your tablet. 

Total Sketch Pro

Ever wondered how to use Trace Mode or Photometrics?  This short session, about 15 minutes, covers both of the advanced features available to TOTAL Sketch Pro subscribers. 

New! Take better photos faster with TOTAL for Mobile no camera juggling

In our live Mobile training, one thing we consistently hear from appraisers is how shocked they are with the time they save using photos in TOTAL for Mobile.  Join us for a quick 30-minute session where we talk about how to use TOTAL for Mobile to save unexpected amounts of time, how to take better pictures with your mobile device’s built-in camera, and even how to use your current camera in tandem with TOTAL for Mobile. 

New! Sketch lines, areas, and more with TOTAL for Mobile

Join us for a quick 30-minute session where we walk you through the basics of drawing sketches in TOTAL for Mobile. 

New! Create canned comments with a single keystroke

QuickLists are one of the most powerful timesaving tools in TOTAL.  While we have lots of blogs and tech tips about QuickLists, this class combines the bulk of the QuickLists training we do all in a single, focused session.  Join us to learn how to tailor common responses to you, your market, and your workflow. 

Elite Only! Welcome to the Elite workflow

The Elite bundle includes a group of applications designed to help you provide faster service, work more efficiently, and solidify your business through the regular fluctuations in the real estate cycle.  This webinar teaches you how to integrate the various pieces of the Elite package, including integrating TOTAL with TOTAL Connect, Vault and Interflood.  Plus, you’ll learn how to put your client database to work with your Appraiser XSite to drive new business. 

New! Getting Started with Titan Analytics

Filling out the 1004MC form might be annoying, but it doesn't have to be a hassle.  We'll show you how to import your MLS data, fill out the Market Conditions grid and analysis, and even place charts and graphs into an Analytics Addendum in your report, describing visually to your clients the market elements that helped you reach your opinion of value.  Join us for a 30-minute how-to webinar over the nitty-gritty of using Titan Analytics for your market analysis. 

New! TOTAL Sketch: Step-by-step

Did you ever wonder why your sketch couldn't be as easy to do as the rest of your appraisal report?  At a la mode we wondered the same thing — and our solution was TOTAL Sketch, our free sketcher that's built right into WinTOTAL and TOTAL.  If you're tired of wasting time redrawing your entire sketch because of one line you had to change, retracing walls you've already drawn to build your second floor, or trying to figure out the exact order your sketcher wants you to draw the first floor, garage, and patio then this is the class for you.  In this webinar we show you how to draw and modify sketches with our free TOTAL Sketch software. 

Vault and Exact by a la mode

Come see how Vault and Exact work.  We'll show you how to back up your appraisal files and settings to the cloud.  Then we'll show you how to search for and download files at-will.  So, if you move to a new computer or have a hard drive crash, you can be back up and running in minutes. 

Developing compliant reports using TOTAL | Agenda

Note:  This course is approved for CE only in class.  Webinars of this course are not yet approved. 

Setting up TOTAL
This opening session will help you upgrade to TOTAL.  See how to organize files, set up your signature, copy older appraisals from other formfiller vendors or WinTOTAL, and more. 

Starting a report
Learn how to use templates, start new reports from scratch or from online orders, merge in data, and add billing details
in seconds. 

Automating your forms and addenda
First, see how to create basic calculations for any field using TOTAL’s Worksheets.  Next, we’ll customize how text flows from your form to addenda.  You’ll also learn how to build custom automated addenda for use in the future. 

USPAP-compliant report delivery and backup
We’ll run a full E&O check on a report, which includes USPAP, client, and UAD errors.  Next, you’ll see how to comply with USPAP’s workfile requirements without paper.  And we’ll sign the report.  To wrap things up, we’ll step through compliant delivery and cloud backup. 

Accurate and compliant formfilling
Get essential TOTAL tips in this overview: 

  • Quickly navigating from page to page
  • Merging data from old reports or templates
  • Adding, removing, and swapping forms
  • Using canned comments to avoid retyping error-prone, repetitive data (such as multi-field
    neighborhood information)
  • Guided and free-form UAD compliance

Working with photos and maps
Learn how to edit and add photos to reports in less time while storing them in your neatly organized database.  Then, add aerial maps (with comp balloons) to reports in a few clicks. 

Comp management
Get in TOTAL’s Side-by-Side PowerView and build your database.  See how to add comps from old reports or the MLS, edit, rearrange, and make adjustments (UAD, percentage,
and non-numeric). 

Controlling your data with TOTAL | Agenda

Note:  This course is approved for CE only in class.  Webinars of this course are not yet approved. 

Making Worksheets work for you
Get in TOTAL’s Side-by-Side PowerView and build your database.  See how to add comps from old reports or the MLS, edit, rearrange, and make adjustments (UAD, percentage,
and non-numeric). 

Mastering the MLS Text File Importer
See how to import text from your MLS, which cuts errors and speeds up comp data entry.  You’ll also see TOTAL’s advanced features that scrub data as it’s imported from sources
like your MLS. 

Power user settings in TOTAL
Personalize UAD data entry, QuickLists, keyboard navigation, and your form appearance. 

Why the secure signature process (you’re probably overlooking) is important
Learn how to set up and use a truly secure signature using our SureDocs technology.  This way, your reports can be verified to match what was delivered, preventing fraud. 

Accurate sketching made easy | Agenda

Note:  This course is approved for CE only in class.  Webinars of this course are not yet approved. 

Sketching essentials
We’ll start with an overview of TOTAL Sketch.  Then you’ll learn the most fundamental drawing techniques like defining areas, managing pages, and adding symbols and labels. 

Advanced sketching techniques
Rather than deleting and redrawing parts of your sketches, we’ll show how to make those same changes with fewer clicks.  Also master interior walls and customize your settings. 

Solving measuring problems using a DISTO
If you have a laser measurer or are considering one, this session is a must.  We’ll show you how to use your device to make measurements more accurate and save time.  You’ll also get solutions to your trickiest measurement challenges. 

Mobile appraiser workflow | Agenda

Note:  This course is approved for CE only in class.  Webinars of this course are not yet approved. 

Why mobility? 
We’ll quickly discuss how to tackle your mobile transition without getting overwhelmed. 

USPAP-compliant paperless office techniques
To be truly mobile, we have to fully understand how to get rid of all paper.  We’ll cover real-world ways to go paperless and how it will impact your mobile workflow.  It’s easier than you think. 

Prepping a report for your inspection
Learn how to start a new report with the critical data you need at the office.  Next, you’ll see how to wirelessly sync it to your mobile device without duplication or confusion. 

TOTAL for Mobile tips for gathering data
Fly through data gathering in the field using TOTAL for Mobile on your phone or tablet.  As we go, we’ll use QuickLists along with your voice to save time and make your reports more accurate and consistent.  We’ll cover the very best ways to add photos to your forms too. 

Other apps for appraisers

  • Untether your phone and fax from your desk
  • Optimize driving routes and cut gas costs
  • Share files between your devices
  • Take better property photos with less editing
  • Take your MLS with you into the field
  • Scan documents from the courthouse
  • Access all your reports on your office PC

Field sketching 101 (Hands-on session!)
Use a mobile device to sketch a complex 5000SF property (including curves and intricate details) along with the instructor.  You’ll learn how to create more accurate sketches and GLA calculations.  As a class, we’ll gather data for each room, along with placing photos. 

Solving measuring problems using a DISTO
This session is so popular that we’re covering the same material in both the mobile day and the sketching day.  Don’t miss it!